Changes for the Better

Well hello everyone! It has been almost a month since my last blog. Yes, I have been slacking. Only because during this past month, I have been trying to figure out ways to make my site the best for you. Designing and setting up changes to better reach out to everyone reading it. I have so many ideas that I want to share so I needed to find ways to make my site handle all of my shenanigans.

There are days that I want to write a blog that is more on the serious, personal side. Full of life stories and motivation. Other days I want to write about how annoyed I am that my house never stays clean and give advice on how us moms can keep our lives on track without pulling our hair out. Then there are days that I need to share a funny moment that has happened to bring laughs to your day.

So starting next week, I am going to deliver blogs that can relate to all of you. I’m going to do:

Motivate Me Mondays: Where I will deliver from the heart blogs that are on a more personal level and give the advice that will help you get through those moments where you feel like you are alone.

Wednesday Wonders: That will give tips and ideas for the everyday moms and wives out there. Everything from taking care of the clutter to finding time for yourself and everything else in between.

Fun Fridays – The Week is Over! Let’s Celebrate! – This is when I will share funny stories of my crazy life and struggles of the silly, yet crazy crap that happens. Laughter is the best way to bring on the weekend. Well laughter and cocktails.

I hope all of you like my new way of running my site. Coming soon…shenanigans and more, for you all to adore.

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