Spring Clean or Shop

This blog is long over due and for that, I’m sorry. Having my husband out of town again for the military, I have been super busy being a “single mom”. The fact that I didn’t pull all my hair out is a good sign that the trip with the hubby away wasn’t too bad. It also reminded me I had the opportunity to do the one thing that us wives never get to do when our husbands are home…throw crap out!

With the hubby away, the wife will…clean. I am able to deep clean, well now since it’s Spring time, I’m able to Spring Clean. The best part of it all, I can do this cleaning without my husband telling me his always famous excuse to keep crap… “We can use that someday.” It drives me crazy. Not because he keeps everything he has ever touched, but because he is always right. He took the old counter tops from our re-done kitchen and made a work bench in the garage. Those counter tops sat in a pile in the garage for years and then all of a sudden, he made a work bench out of them. I was very happy to see the garage now organized, but then I was pissed because he was right, again. And to add insult to injury, when we sold that house and moved into our new house, that work bench was loved by the new owner.

While I’m home and cleaning, going through all the “this and that’s” we have accumulated through-out the last 10 years together, I find myself torn. Do I throw away the things I see us never needing or do I keep it all for the many times that my husband will prove me wrong. When does it go from clutter to your very own at-home store?

Walking into my garage is like the opening credits to a horror movie. Dark, scary music, eyes of deadly creatures staring at you and the worst part, once you’re in, you may never get out. When you have to step over a truck bumper, an old dog bed, 20 different pool toys and 3 different paint buckets full of broken tools just to get to the garage fridge to grab the chicken for dinner then quickly haul butt back inside the house just to shiver because you feel like something is on you and then you are too exhausted to make that chicken for dinner, then your garage has reached the point of no return. It’s then you think, well I think of it because I’m, well me, it’s time to throw your hands in the air AND MOVE! Just like a bad weather warning, just grab all things important and leave! Hope that the new owner of your house has an antique shop to sell the reusable things and a big hole in some field far away to burn all of your left-over crap.

See, I’m the one that keeps everything that holds a memory and it’s usually those things that never get used again. Jay holds onto what I see as crap and he sees it as money saved because it’s one less trip to the hardware store. While I love his ability to turn crap into a new work bench, a redone counter top for our island in our kitchen or hardwood floors in our living room, the clutter in the garage drives me insane. How do us wives know the difference between the piles, boxes, bags and full drawers in the garage are things we can toss when our husbands are away versus keep for our future redone bathroom?

This year, I have come up with ideas to save my OCD sanity while saving my husbands want and need to redo and fix things in our house for free. If our garage is going to be our own store, then it needs to be labeled and organized as one. No more of the 5 different hammers, 3 different kinds of chairs that are all broken, 2 pools for the backyard that have holes and definitely no more 4 vacuums that haven’t worked in years. Instead, we are going to keep all things that, with my husband and I thinking together, are things that we will need or can use later. By later, I mean the one main rule that seems to be very common in everyone’s closet, if it hasn’t been used in 6 months, it’s out of here! The best part of this whole thing is once we have tossed all things broken and put aside all things worth something to someone else, it’s garage sale time. Why not make some money off our junk and make it someone else’s treasure? Why not be able to go into my garage and simply grab that chicken out of my garage fridge for dinner and simply walk back into my house and make that chicken for dinner without shivering? Yes, every house has crap that either has meaning or is just covered in dust. Regardless of whatever it is and the meaning behind it, lets favor the ones out there with their OCD-ness and respect that in order to keep your marriage going, organize your crap. Whether if it’s crap to you or memories to someone else, if you want to keep your memories, just play the organize game, label things and even clean a little. That way us wives have no room to whine or be the bad guys by tossing everything in the dumpster. Most importantly, there’s a less chance of your “memories” being thrown away when we suddenly send you to the store for things we already have just so you can leave.

I see my garage looking like a garage in about 6 months. Until then, I’ll enjoy my redone island counter top.

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