Just Ain’t It

When one journey ends, another one starts…hopefully. And although the thought of a new journey can seem very refreshing and exciting to some, it can seem very scary and intimidating to others. Like me. For years, I have been searching for that one perfect branch. You know that perfect branch that helps you branch out and reach for more than just what is at your fingertips? Trying to reach for the clouds and the stars from your back patio doesn’t work so why not branch out and reach even higher?

While resting on that perfect branch in hopes of finally reaching for the stars in the clouds, I began to wonder if this said “perfect branch” was reaching in the right direction. Branch after branch after branch led me to the same place that had me saying, “This place just ain’t it.” After I hop off that branch, land on my feet just to look up and see the stars in the clouds further and further away, I ask myself, “When will I find the place that is finally ‘it’?”

After searching and searching and hopping from branch to branch, I noticed that I was starting a trend of being on a constant circle. Going round and round and round while thinking that I was going to find a different outcome. I couldn’t tell what was making me dizzy, the constant circle or the hope of something different being right in front of me.   

In the past, I have only branched out if it benefited others, made others happy and being proud of me was the cherry on top. All of that got me nowhere. This time was a bit different.  

With a bucket full of “just ain’t it’s”, I decided that I needed to empty it out and start over. On my way to the trash can, an opportunity fell into my lap. Funny how when you stop looking, what you were looking for shows up. This opportunity is a job that I know I shine my brightest in. It allows me the ability to do what I love to do, but most importantly it also allows me to literally clock out so I can clock into mom and wife mode once I get home. I wanted a job where I could clock in, do my job, clock out and be able to leave work at work so I am 100% mom and wife at home. My husband and kids don’t deserve anything less than that. In fact, they deserve more, and I can give them more now. That is the most incredible feeling!

When you can do what you know you’re good at and enjoy doing while being able to support your family, is there really any career better than that? I don’t think so. The truth is, we don’t live to work. We work to live. For the first time in a long time, I can get home stress free. I’m cooking dinner for my family again and I am gutting the house and redecorating. The kids and I play Uno and other games every night. My husband and I are going on dates again. I’m writing again. All while all the weight I had on my shoulders continues to fly away.

Listen, my last job was wonderful, but the truth is it just simply wasn’t it. And despite so much back and forth debating if that was okay or not, I knew it was okay…for me. Whether you work with your best friends, work the best schedule, or your commute to work isn’t too bad, if at the end of the day you are miserable doing what you do then why stay?

It’s okay to put yourself first and search for what is best for you and your family. I know that it seems so wrong when you know it will hurt others, disappoint others or even have yourself facing your fear of change, but answer me this…why are you okay hurting yourself by keeping yourself in a miserable situation just so there is no disappointment coming your way from others? Where is your worth?

Go after what you want. Reach for the stars in the clouds. Branch out and seek what is going to make you truly happy. Jump towards what is best for YOU and YOUR FAMILY. Don’t settle for what makes others happy and makes you feel “okay” or “fine”. Life is too short to settle for “okay” or “fine”.

If an 8 to 5, Monday through Friday job is what you want, then get it. If working from home is what you want, then snag it. If running your own business is your dream, then make that dream come true. Who cares if others will look at you and say, “You’re just a receptionist and okay with that?” “You bring work home with you?” “You left that job for this one?” “You work nonstop and don’t have weekends. Don’t you have a life?” The list goes on and on because those people that say that crap think that they can control anyone and anything. They think that their words are the final say. Well, guess what?! Those comments have no authority nor do the people saying them.

No, I am not just a receptionist. I am a badass receptionist that helps people in need see the doctor that will help heal them. Why am I saying this? Because I was asked that very question recently. I left a job in mortgage and went back to my jam of a job…medical. One day, this woman who I will keep her name private, saw me in the grocery store wearing my scrubs. She comes up to me while I am buying the fixings to make dinner and asks why I am wearing scrubs. I, thinking that she was a friend, told her about my recent job change. The look on her face was priceless. She looked at me so confused, yet disappointed. “Why leave a career for “just” a job?” literally came out of her mouth.

See, the old me would have hung my head and thought to myself that I was a nobody with “just” a job. Ha! Let me tell you something and this is exactly what I said to that chick. I don’t have “just” a job. I have a job that I love. A job that I am damn good at. A job that I love doing. I didn’t leave a career. I left a job that wasn’t it and wasn’t for me. I am working, supporting my family and I’m happy doing it. Tell me what is wrong with that? I then asked her, “What makes my job “just” a job?” She couldn’t answer me because to her, a receptionist is a nobody. A receptionist is a job that people settle for just so they can have a job. A receptionist is title that is not worthy of respect. Shame on her!

I may not be in the job field that Ms. Hardass sees worthy, but that is exactly what I am talking about. I am hard working mom and wife who loves her job, loves what she does, loves the people she works with and all of that is what makes my job the “it” job. I have finally found my “it” job and man oh man I am so happy.

Don’t listen to what others have to say and don’t believe or digest any of their judgement. Shrug it off and smile because you have it all. You have your “it” job. Now, let’s get to work!

2 responses to “Just Ain’t It”

  1. You are a badass! And anyone would be lucky to have you as the first point of contact for their office. ❤️


  2. Glad you made the change you were wanting. Good luck and happy for you. We know you will do great. Love, Aunt Cindy


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