One Step Forward

Hello Everyone!

My name is Joei and welcome to my blog. I have to be honest. Starting a blog and sharing my writing with you all has always been a dream of mine, but also a fear of mine. I am use to watching people live out their dreams and succeed. I’m the girl in the stands, cheering you on instead of being the one on the stage.  I’m the girl that sits at home, writes her feelings down, clicks SAVE and then closes my laptop to never allow my dreams to come true. I have tried to create a blog site for years and I never could follow through with it. After having hard times in my life with bullying and being told every day that I wasn’t good enough or worth it, I have finally had enough. I look at my kids, Noah, 7 and Ellie, 4 and I know they look up to me. How can I teach them to believe in themselves, follow their dreams and never give up if I don’t listen to those words myself? I hate the feeling of WHAT IF. I don’t want to ever ask myself, “What if I followed my dreams? Where would my life be right now?” So I took that one step forward and I am going after what I want…FINALLY.

It is so easy to listen to the harsh words, see the bad looks and get use to watching people turn their back to you. With all of that, it’s almost impossible to listen to anything positive and believe that anyone could ever believe in you. Enough back stabs can cause you to become numb to the pain because it’s all you’ve been feeling lately. So when you have someone who actually has your back, there are times when you can’t even feel them there. It’s hard to do the one thing that you need to do with not only the ones who love you, but yourself…trust. Trust in yourself that you have the capability to soar and trust that the ones who do love you and have your back won’t let you down. It’s okay to get rid of the toxic people in your life too. I use to be the one who gave everyone the benefit of the doubt and no matter how many times they hurt me, betrayed me or let me down, I forgave them. That caused my confidence to fade so much, it almost disappeared.

Now, more than ever, it’s time we all take that one step forward to get going on our new adventures and take the other step forward to keep going. Never stop. Never allow yourself to fade in the mist of self doubt or being bullied. Stand up tall and believe that this ride may be bumpy, but amazing at the same time. Is there a chance that your dreams may not turn out the way you hoped? Yes, but at least you can say that you tried. That also means that you were on the wrong path and your new journey that is meant to be is on a new path.

So here’s to us. The ones that are taking the step forward and not backing down. Cheers to our inner strength that we thought was gone. It was never gone. It was just waiting for us to get off our butts and tackle our dreams. Let’s be on this bumpy, yet amazing ride together and fly to every destination of our goals.

Life is too short. It’s time to take that step forward…now.


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